Real Friendship: What you need to know to know your true friend

Everyday we try to make a difference in our lives. Everyday we want to be appreciated, loved and valued.
Still without a real, caring, concerned and loving friend, we cannot live life humanly – to our full potential.

Real Friendship |Lovegeria


This post tells you how to recognize that loyal, true friend.

First let’s start with the hard question.


A lot of times, due to the pressures of life and other circumstantial happenings that gather people together, we are guilty of falling for the notion of ‘first sight’.

Just because you saw him that day, you think he’s that cool?

Just because you saw her smile, do you think she is all you will ever need to live on?

REAL FRIENDS ARE HARD TO FIND – but they are not all taken

If you think true friends have all been taken, think again – it’s just a myth.

There are still many joyful people out there looking for special people to connect with. Maybe you’ve just been searching in the wrong places.

The true friend you are seeking out there may already be in your life. All you just have to do is sit with a pen and piece of paper and write out the names of all the people who have been making attempts to come into your life – I mean those folks who want to get to know the beautiful and the ugly side of you and still accept you for who you are.

A word of caution: Not everyone who acts nice to you is that genuinely interested in you. There are still many hawks out there – they’re looking for preys – they pretend they’re into to you – when they don’t get what they’re after (and when they can no more see how to take from you), they pull out of your territory.


Attention, Fun and Genuine Concern are the three variables to judge the realness of your friendship.

If you’re not still sure if that person is a true friend, provide the answers to the following questions.

Is that person genuinely interested in your friendship to help you grow out of your weaknesses?

  • Does that person encourage you to become the better version of yourself?
  • Does that person encourage you to reinforce your strength?
  • Does that person LOVE you for who your are and not what you offer?
  • Does that person celebrate life with your?
  • Does that person encourage you to go for your positive dreams?
  • Can that person risk the termination of the friendship by being honest with you concerning your mistake?
  • Does that person want to see you succeed in life?
  • Does that person encourage you to go for your dreams?
  • Do you really know that person’s weaknesses?
  • Do you understand why that person acts that particular way?
  • Does that person behave like a human and not a robot?
  • Do you feel your inner connection with this person?
  • What does your instinct tell you about this person?
  • Are you comfortable to be the real you whenever you are around this person?
  • Are you comfortable with letting down your guards [emotional towers] in the presence of this person?
  • When bad things happen to you, does that person give you a real shoulder to cry on?
  • Is that person also taking actions that build and sustain your joy and happiness in the friendship?
  • After knowing your struggles, fears and failures, will that person still love and respect you?
  • Can that person trust you with his or her life?
  • Can you forgive that person?
  • Can that person forgive you?

Remember, friendships are not designed for only you to get what you want when you want it. True friends disagree, argue, understand each other and can also take great risks to serve and save each other. So if you answered NO to any of the questions concerning that person, maybe, you need to think twice about this – IS THAT PERSON WORTH KEEPING ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST?

Please, learn and understand the meanings of the following words and phrases;
• Friend
• Acquaintance
• Associate
• Colleague
• Mentor
• One-sided friendship
• Mutual benefit
• Mutual respect

Tell us in the comments.

Use the comment section to share your experience about someone you thought was your friend?

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