IN HUNT FOR A COMPATIBLE GIRLFRIEND: The Single Guys Biggest Challenge and How to Overcome It

The search for a potential girlfriend can be a daunting task for many guys. If you don’t have time to observe – you’re free to ask around.

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In search

Questions keep pounding your head. Self-doubts creep into your mind. You feel your blood vessels are pumping abnormally. You feel your feet too heavy for a normal lift.

What do I do when I meet this girl? What do I say when I meet her? What clothes should I wear to impress her? Will she be alone when I meet her? If I find her among her friends, will she want me to speak in front of all of them or will she give me a personal space to hear my “presidential” speech? Will she give me an answer immediately? or will she go to “think about it”? Why would she want to listen to me?

These are faced by most guys who go for the chase.


Procrastinating your chase date becomes more easier to accomplish while you keep on the mental war. You may even struggle to sleep due to the anxiety and mind battle.

Let this wait till I have more money in the bank. There’s so many girls out there for me to pick at any time. I don’t think I’m prepared for girl troubles. I’m not financially stable at the moment.

These will keep your mind busy – and also wasting valuable doses of emotional energy and nervous stability.


The hunt for a good girlfriend can be rewarding beyond the chase itself. Here’s how;

  • It will force you to develop your speaking skills.
  • It will encourage you to boldly go after your career dreams.
  • Physiologically, it gets your blood circulating due to the pumping of your heart.
  • You will be forced to use your imagination – you will have to picture the scene in your mind and the worst possible scenario too.
  • The chase will help to improve your memory.
  • Also, you will have an ‘interesting’ experience to share.

Winning a girl’s heart can be a tough and exciting experience. For others, it may be discouraging when the result is outright rejection and mouth-bashing. At the end of the day, it is the process and the lessons that matters.


A good girlfriend can turn out to be the true friend you need in your life.

When you get one into your life – learn to love her. Get to understand why she behaves that particular way.

Note: Most girls unconsciously imitate their mothers. Be warned.

If you’ve already got one – be satisfied. Don’t waste your time chasing one-night stands when you’ve got a potential wife in your life.


It’s ok to have your list of expectations. Just keep in mind that you’re not perfect – and when you find her and she accepts to be your girl, she won’t be perfect either.

It takes time, understanding and patience to build and sustain a relationship – not love. You two need to be committed to contribute and sacrifice for the success of your relationship.


Dry your tears, count your blessings and be grateful for the gift of life.


IMAGE CREDIT: Joshnas / Flickr

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6 thoughts on “IN HUNT FOR A COMPATIBLE GIRLFRIEND: The Single Guys Biggest Challenge and How to Overcome It

  1. Good to know how guys think about finding the right girl. It’s interesting too because I don’t think we girls are as difficult to “court” as guys imagine. I was attracted to my husband’s smile first, his honesty and his sense of humor captivated me further. But the truth is, he was the right one for me and when I met him (we met online so I use that term loosely) I knew he was perfect for me. Not perfect, but a fit for me. Emails, Skype calls and meeting in person proved it. After almost 5 years of marriage we are more in love each day. Sounds cheesy, but it’s so true. God has the perfect person out there. You will know when you meet her. The search is mostly asking God to lead you and growing in preparation as you wait and watch. There is hope 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you will be encouraged by what you find there!


    • Dear Laura, indeed, I was encouraged by your posts. I got a faith boost too.

      Also, you’re among the percentage of women who have trusted God to use your painful experiences to His glory. God did it. You’re wiser and help to make it easier for your man to come (and stay) in your heart.

      It is my hope that many single ladies will realize their awesomeness and the fact that there are still good guys in this world – who may come in the “carmoflashed” form of a seed.


      • Thank you for your great and encouraging comments. You seem to be a wise man who is one of the good guys. I agree with you in praying that men and ladies will see the greatness of who they are because of God. Keep praying for your future wife. I was amazed at the connection that made for my husband and me. I prayed for him 2 years before I ever met him! When he prays for our family or shares what God is doing in his heart, I am moved with love for him. It’s all good. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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