Everyman lives to display his life based on a trend.
Just like a play, man’s life has a beginning and the end.

The Rich man showcases his wealth;
The Poor man showcases his poverty.
The Rich man enjoy luxury and Good Health;
The Poor man manages sickness and Hostility.

Man fights for different reasons;
His fights are in different ways.
Man desires his life to be full of fertile seasons;
His mindset places him where he stays.

Man is filled with Energy.
Man is filled with Strength.

He uses his energy to move.
He uses his strength to fight.

Every man must fight the Greatest War.
Every man must use his Greatest Strength.

Man’s Greatest War occurs within Him.
Man’s Greatest War Zone is his Mind.

Man’s Greatest Victory is Conquering Himself.
Man’s Greatest Trophy is Believing in Himself.

Man’s Positive Mindset is his Greatest Strength.
Man’s Faith, Hope and Love always merge to become his True Strength.

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