Loving can be easy – until your ice-cream meets the heat


You feel the joy of having someone in your life. Someone to hold. Someone to share your joys and laughter with. Someone to speak your mind freely with. Someone to love.


You come to discover certain things about that person that you didn’t know about. You come to see the lies and pretence about the person’s love for you.


You are faced with the choice of confronting that person about those questions on your mind?

The interesting part is the more you try to forget, the more you remember and question every detail of your past experiences together.


Now that you’ve come to know all what you know, will you still keep that relationship?


In a post on her sanctuary, Agnes’ last line hits this:
“In the end, life (and love) is not black and white.”


Every relationship will be tested.

When the storms of hardship come, will your relationship stand?

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9 thoughts on “Loving can be easy – until your ice-cream meets the heat

  1. Love the analogy! My version would be like cookies: crunchy outside and soft inside when baked perfectly, but an overheat or 10 minutes too long would burn all that yummy goodness. Gotta keep it steady, balanced, and appreciated 🙂

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    • Thanks for joining us here on LOVEGERIA.

      The reality of life is that every relationship must be tested. Will the people who you care about standby you in times of pain? This is one of the many questions that inspired this particular post. Loving will always be easy until it is tested.

      Please feel free to connect with other members of the Lovegeria community. There’s a great chance you’ll meet more awesome people.


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