Hey Guys! Who’s your romantic ‘shero’? Your mom or your spouse?

Yes! I totally agree with many of you guys who asked for advice privately – that women can be crazy most times.

On a good day, they can love you exceptionally. On a not-so-good day, they may tongue-lash your brains into a loaf of ‘creamed, potatoed’ bread – and they might even tempt you to answer annoying questions about their physical looks that they already have answers to.

Yet, no matter how much they change – no matter how much we develop new skills to happily adapt to them, they do play a great role in shaping our manhood.

It is also interesting to know that many guys do assume they know it all about women.


If you really understand women, use the comments to tell us who is your romantic “shero” and why choose your mother over your spouse or vice versa (Female opinions are also welcomed).

Note: Comment trolls maybe penalized. Abusive comments will be deleted.


4 thoughts on “Hey Guys! Who’s your romantic ‘shero’? Your mom or your spouse?

  1. I loved my mother very much but… she loved herself even more! I love my wife very much but… she loves me, children and grandchildren even more! Make your own conclusions.j


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