RELATIONSHIP? The one key to long-term success

Relationships have their own share of troubles – no matter how trouble free a number of them look at the surface.

Le Raisonne

The reason for this I say is because of the dynamic nature of human behaviour.

At times, we want to enjoy life quietly. Other times we just want to go out and have fun hugging, laughing and screaming on the mountains.

The times of hunger

We all share a deep cravings for happy memories – consciously and unconsciously.

The burdens placed on us by society’s conducts on behaviour and associations, sometimes makes people in a relationship to miss the mark. When one person changes (in response to a particular situation or action), the other person who usually felt in control of the relationship panics – and in most cases, attempts to bring up counter-responses to return the other back to the past state.

Watch what you ask for

As more relationships fail because of unhealthy expectations, mal-adjustments and misunderstandings, think about who you’ve become . Is this who you always wanted to be in your relationship or has experience changed you?

And if you’re thinking if your partner is worth all the time and sacrifice, ask yourself whether you have been good to yourself first. Because, what you don’t have, you cannot give.

To sustain the bond that was once there in the beginning, friendship is the answer.

Friendship is the key to a successful long-term relationship.

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