Cheating is risky… so is love

Trust is one of the main requirements for a successful relationship.

Whenever trust is broken – even in the slightest form, it becomes hard to continue the relationship like the pre-offence era. Love can seem to be a fairytale when you hear of the successful relationships that other people have. You’re not sure how this is possible. The thoughts of how to attract the man or woman of your dreams can be overwhelming. Then developing yourself and adjusting yourself to enable the relationship continue to remain a success can be like a paid job.

What problems should I address first? What is missing in my life at the moment? What are the qualities that my ideal man or woman need me to possess.

Then you pick up a pen and a notebook and begin drafting your points-of-difference.

After a period of time, you may begin to doubt your ability to become good enough to enter and enjoy a successful relationship. What am I doing? Am I wasting my life by missing someone whom I’ve not yet met? Am I living in a dream world? Why did I get into this at first?

Then the depressing thought now pops up in your heart.

Will I ever find true love?

Here’s what you need to know…

After you meet someone you think is awesome, you may find yourself doubting your ability to love and cherish that person for a life time. In fact, more fears may keep on peeling away the confidence in your heart. The little chirpy-chirpy voices of selfish-driven motives may even start sounding their bells.

It is your job to look inward and find the courage to silence those voices of doubts, fears and wrong assumptions. And as you keep working on yourself to become better in your relationship, always remember this; “cheating is risky… so is love.”

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