A husband’s tail fin

Life, sometimes can be tough

Plans don’t go the way you expect’em
People don’t keep their promises to you but expect you to keep yours to them

The race to success has redefined friendship
Power tussles drum roll in promising friendships
Pretence and powers of love both fight to make their stands

How can we live together?
How can we breathe together?
How can we enjoy life together?

Our destiny beckons on us with a call to be bold and determined
Life events challenges our heart to face the storm or drown in it

You either stand or fall
You either win with her by your side or you lose with no one by your side

Yes, there will be times no one will believe in you
Yes, there will be times only you know the truth about that action you are about to take

Don’t sweat it

Keep the faith

You will be surprised at the awesomeness of the greatness of the power at work in you.

© 2014. Prosper B. Wealth.
Do not republish without full credit and link to this page.

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