Want someone to like you? Here’s 4 things you need to know

Everyday, people in search of love and deep friendships are becoming more desperate.

Technological innovations are also disrupting the process of bonding. So here are four thoughts that will help to keep you away from those battle lines of desperation and obsession. Want someone to like you? | Lovegeria

1. You have to differentiate between attention-seeking and a real relationship. Especially when your gut feelings are telling you what your heart is saying. Of course, when it comes to attention-seeking, your brain does the main work. But in a real relationship, your heart takes on the work load.

2. You have to be the real you. Being the real you means you have to be willing to accept your strengths and weaknesses – it is just who you are. Shun the ‘image management’ that you portray for the sake of just being accepted. Being the real you will make you free of depression and regrettable decisions that originate from the feelings of not being ‘good enough’.

3. Don’t force yourself on anybody. The reason is because you are special. You are the only copy of you the world has ever seen. You are the only one who has those lovely eyes. You are the only one with those unique finger prints. Why kill yourself over someone who doesn’t see how valuable and precious you are?

4. You can’t force someone to like you. Face this reality. Just like you, that person has a will. This gives the person the right to make a choice to live, eat, sit, stand and be with you – or not be with you. Instead of falling into a state of unconscious obsession, get involved in those activities that you are passionate about. It’ll help to distract your mind and keep you built up for a more sweet person.

Learn to start your day in an awesome style. Let go of all that cumbersome weight that is stressing you up. Be free to live. And you’ll see that the real person who likes you for who you are will come into your life and stay.

I think that’s worth the wait. Do you?


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