Let’s talk about you… Shall we?!

Take a look at you…

You’ve come this far (even when you thought you wouldn’t make it).

You’re still standing (even when you thought you’d die).

You’ve now got your own experience to share.

But mark this…

There is a higher calling. Your happy and not-so-good experiences can be used for good.

No matter how things may not be going the way you expect’em, keep moving.

When the thoughts of death come to you, ignore it and replace those thoughts with your beautiful dreams of the future.

Stop carrying that load. It’s time for you to live. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live happily.

Take charge of your life…

Whether it was a friend who betrayed you or you were abused or you’re feeling guilty about ‘it’, this is the time to be free.


Freedom doesn’t come from suicide.

Bottling it up is not healthy

Don’t keep it in your heart anymore, let’s talk privately.

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respect and self-esteem, argue gently, and best of all be happy.

Say hi or ask for advice privately.

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