Be smart. Use these 5 tips to boost your friendship

Tips to boost your friendship | LovegeriaI have received questions on friendship. This post answers what you absolutely need to do to grow your friendship.

Even though it may not always be easy, you have to try these tips to show you value the relationship very much.

1. Be sensitive.
Your eyes, your ears, your skin, your nose and your heart will be needed to be good at being sensitive (notice I didn’t add your mouth, instead, I added your heart). Being sensitive requires you to be patient, and also improve your skill in picking up signals. For example, you should be able to hear your friend’s voice on the phone and know whether your friend is happy or not.

2. Know when to speak.
This also means you should know when to be silent. As much as communication is important, it is important you know when to speak and how to speak to your friend. There are times when a hard voice can be the best way to get your message through. And there are other times when a soft voice or pet name will break the communication barriers to deliver what you want to say – in the way you meant it.

3. Learn to read in-between the lines.
This point still has a great reference to ‘being sensitive’. Most times, real life situations do not occur in black and white because of the varying shades of grey events. What I mean here is that they may be different factors affecting your friend’s behaviour at this point in time. It may take time and trust but it is definitely worth the effort when you invest your heart into knowing and understanding your friend.

4. Know when to be alone.
There are times when each person in a friendship need space for one reason. Most times, a request for space may come verbally or non-verbally. If you call that person your friend, you should know when that person needs to be alone – especially, after your friend has experienced any form of trauma or other form of loss.

5. Enjoy the moment.
Even though so many people find this hard to do – especially during busy days, it can be learned. You have to cherish every moment you spend with your friend. See the moments you share together as the opportunity to create new happy memories.

Finally, it is worth noting that people change over time. Don’t be surprised when you see change. Of course, that is what makes us humans. Each of us have the tendency and the tenacity to change [to adapt, to act and to react] based on our experiences and our interpretation of life’s investment.

Please tell us…

What happened to you or your friend?… How did that event affect your friendship?… What is still bothering you about the friendship?


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