Still not sure you’re in love with that person? Here are 3 things you need to know

Without a strong word in your conscious thoughts, you can miss that one person who truly loves you for who you are. You don’t want confusion. You don’t want to waste

your life. You don’t want to be lonely. You want to feel that sense of connection and believe it to be real.

Go on…

1. Falling in love doesn’t happen the way most people expect. So you’re not an exception. For a number of people, love happened online while for others, it was offline. For some, it was in college. Others found love a number of years into their career. For some, it was during a tough economic situation and for others, it was when they were about to give up hope. I’ve (heard of) and met married folks who never imagined themselves getting married. The reason, according to them, was because they hated each other in high school and college. Today, their children are almost done with college – and their successful marriage has now stretched beyond twenty years… and is still counting. Should we call this a miracle? or shouldn’t we?

2. When you’re in love, your list-of-qualities will never be 100% attainable. It is because you’re not perfect either. So realize that it’s good to have those list-of-qualities that you’ve piled up in your heart (and originally designed in a way that is mainly skewed to your negative experiences of heartbreaks, abuse, neglect and betrayal etc.)… Wake up!


This is because the degree of imperfection is what gives up space for both of you to grow up together. How will you learn to forgive when there’s no loving person to hurt you? How will you learn to submit when there is no loving person to respect? How will you learn to be grateful for love and life when you don’t have anyone who loves you?

3. Sometimes it takes hatred to know love. It may come to your knowledge that you’re in love through self-denial. Those toxic feelings that start like a dislike. Then migrates to hatred. Then moves to a point of indifference. You keep telling yourself that person is not your type; too lousy… too ugly… doesn’t have taste… out

of stock… just not the type of xxxx you’ll like to introduce to your xxxx. Screw it all up. Coz, in matters of love, each person always… always has a unique story

to tell (or keep secret until the right time).

The beautiful part about falling in love with someone is the opportunity to grow up with that person by your side. That feeling that no matter your fights with that

person… no matter the successes (and failures)… no matter your good times (and helpless times)… no matter the period of fame (or period of wrongful

accusations)… no matter the amount of your responsibilities… no matter the state of your finances… and no matter the number of your haters (and fake friends)…

you two will still be together – facing the storms together, making sacrifices and remaining faithful and committed to your love life with each other.

Let these words comfort you

You’re not weird…

You’re not the only one who needs answers. You’re not the only one whose struggling to sleep at tough night. No matter your mistakes and your pasts doubts, you can

take the risk… and the rewards might surprise you for the rest of your life.

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