Happy New March 2014

Hello Lovegerians.

Y’all been awesome since we began Lovegeria on the 2014 Valentine’s eve.

In this month of March, I’m wishing you all more love and happiness like never before.

About last month…

Here’s a list of our top two popular posts for the month of February 2014.

  1. IN HUNT FOR A COMPATIBLE GIRLFRIEND: The Single Guys Biggest Challenge and How to Overcome It
  2. Hey Guys! Who’s your romantic “shero”? Your mom or your spouse? 

The theme for this month…

For this month of March 2014, our posts on Lovegeria will be centered on the topic of “Cheating”.

Cheating is a popular issue in modern day relationships that’s why we’ll be posting content on it. So do feel free to make use of the comment section responsibly.

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You can start with the people you care about most.

You never know which post will change that person’s life.

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One Love…

Thank you for all the ideas, recommendations, corrections, emails, support and encouragement.

With you in it, this Lovegeria team rocks.

Cheers! Enjoy Life!!

Prosper B. Wealth


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