Jason Maneto on handling unfaithful female lovers [SlideShare]

Cheating only happens when someone feels that their partner in a relationship isn’t supplying something they need.
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In every relationship, the man has an important role to play. A number of men play their roles well. While others are still yet to wrap their heads around the happenings in their love-lives.

Jason’s tips have arrived to save you from tinkering away your time and energy along the lines of ‘figuring out’ women cheaters.

As a teaser… here are some tips in the presentation.

  • A relationship cannot be based on comfort – it must be based on improvements to be healthy.
  • You have control over your worth. You are in control of your value and confidence.
  • You are responsible for the success or failure of your relationships. No one else.
  • Be the best option. To be the best option, you need to understand what women are actually interested in.
  • You must actually become increasingly attractive with everyday that passes.
  • Cheating is not an issue that is easily fixed.
  • The smell of vanilla relaxes people and makes them feel at home, so it can be a very powerful tool for you to use when you’re attracting women.
  • You will attract women who have as much or as little insecurity as you do.
  • A successful, long-term relationship is based on learning and growth – never on stagnation.

Also covered are…

  1. Your Dos and Don’ts when you suspect a woman is cheating on you
  2. The six rules for a successful long-term relationship.

To all the Lovegeria males who’ve had women who cheated on them, it is my hope you find this presentation helpful. Do use it to improve yourself and your love life.

Here’s the slideshare.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ferrero Rocher / Flickr

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