After interviewing 36 guys, here’s the top 5 reasons they ‘silently’ broke up with their girlfriends

Man and Woman

Keeping a man in his place.

I’ve met a couple of ladies who’ve told me that they’re yet to know the reason why their boyfriends broke up with them. This got me concerned. Then I began to ask few of my female friends (both online and offline) if they ever had this kind of experience. Interestingly, about 3 in 5 of them said yes.

I started wondering, why would a girl not know why her boyfriend broke up with her. So I got to fun work.

I began by asking my male friends and colleagues (in informal settings) the following question? “Why would you break up with a girl and not tell her the reason?”

In total, they were 36 of them. A number of them were having a nice boys time out (if you do know what I mean). The rest were on their own [reading or chilling on the balcony].


Their response was interesting.

Although I personally agreed with some, others made me laugh… they were just… like I always say… ‘interesting.’

I pulled out the top 5 reasons. I had to paraphrase them to stay on point. They are written in no specific order or hierarchy.

It is my hope that this post helps you ladies… so here you go.

The top 5 reasons guys prefer to discharge their girlfriends in a non-confrontational style

1. She makes her decisions and just wants me to just accept it. Well ladies… even though it’s not always good to have a fight. I suggest you don’t encourage your man to act like a doll. You can’t control your man and expect him to be a man. Making your decisions and expecting him to always agree with you will push him away. You better be watch it!

2. She’s boring. Majority of the guys saw their ex-girlfriend lowering the volume on fun stuff that created happy memories. They pinned their ladies for ‘no more saying sweet words’ – making conversations suck. Few even attributed this to their sex lives while seven attributed it to ‘nothing new in her cooking’.

3. She has low self-esteem issues. Personally… this is one point I thought was a joke until I got to understand it based on the responses I got. Ladies, please stop comparing yourself to other women. Most guys easily recognize when you don’t feel confident about your body, your teeth, your clothes and the way you feel insecure when they are around other women.

4. She can’t dance. This one was funny to me. The guys who party quietly dumped their ex because she was lousy on the dance floor. The irony is that a lot of men are not good with dancing. I wondered “why hold it against the ladies?”

5. She nags like her mother. Well, this one’s straight forward. Guys hate it when you act crazy. Even though men make mistakes, they just don’t want a second mother-in-law. So keep a lid on your tongue. Maximize your patience and kindness. It’ll make you attractive and get him to always want to return home to you.

As last words…

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this list was not exhausted. This post was just about the top 5 responses that I got from the thirty-six guys I asked.

Know this… your man loved you for certain reasons. That’s why he got into a relationship with you in the first place. Don’t make him miss those selling points. He may cheat on you. OR worse. He may even walk away from the relationship without giving you any reason.

And I know you don’t want that to happen right?

IMAGE CREDIT: Marsmetn Tallahassee / Flickr

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IMAGE CREDIT: Marsmetn Tallahassee / Flickr