Theme of This Month


For this month of March 2014, our posts on Lovegeria will be centered on the topic of “Cheating”.

Cheating is a popular issue in modern day relationships that’s why we’ll be posting content on it. So do feel free to make use of the comment section responsibly.

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Why? you may ask. It’s not about you being a statistic in our traffic data. It is about you joining a community that increases your chances of connecting with someone awesome.

Let’s face it. Miracles do happen online too…

Our monthly theme is designed to spark that light in your heart again – but this time… to spark your heart with your brains too.

When you know and understand the why, the how, and the when  questions, you’ll become positioned for your miracle.

Or how else do you define miracles? Coincidence, Another chance, Supernatural intervention or New knowledge?

Don’t fret! And don’t miss out!


~ Prosper B. Wealth